Our strategy is to acquire high quality investments with substantial growth prospects and minimal risk. We encourage you to invest alongside us adopting our long term horizon of 5-7 years.

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Our approach to investment

We are independent and value focussed. Our portfolio investment strategy seeks a concentrated selection of outstanding global companies purchased at a discount to their conservatively estimated intrinsic value.

Separately managed accounts
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Why invest in international equities?

The Australian equities market is very small, accounting for less than 2.5% of global equities markets, and has only a handful of truly exceptional businesses. Adding international equities to your Australian equities portfolio has the potential to increase return and lower your risk. Our portfolio has exposure to companies in a variety of sectors and industries that are not available in Australia.

How are the companies selected?

We spend many months researching a business before we invest, so when we commit to it we know the company well and we’re confident in its prospects for growth. The scope of our research enables us to find and value opportunities the market regularly overlooks and that gives us an edge over other investors.

Investing with Swell

To invest directly with Swell, you must qualify as a Wholesale Client or Sophisticated Investor. ASIC provides guidelines here. Your accountant must certify that you meet ASIC’s requirements including holding net assets in excess of $2.5 million; gross income of more than $250,000 pa in the last two years; requisite investment history; and other specific criteria.

Separately Managed Accounts

All investors hold an identical portfolio in their own individually managed account, retaining beneficial ownership of the underlying investments. This delivers tax efficiency and transparency not available with traditional managed funds.

Swell Performance
Value of $100 invested at inception


While we can’t guarantee investment returns, we can guarantee adherence to our strict investment philosophy. This has enabled us to consistently outperform our investment return objective since inception in June 2015. Our investment objective is an annual return of 9% after management fees over rolling three year periods.

Meet the Team

Relationships with our clients are important to us and we work hard to ensure they understand our philosophy and strategy. The members of our small investment team all have a passion for investing. We love the daily challenge of analysing companies to identify hidden value, and trawling through earnings calls to uncover an unexpected change in a company’s outlook. We think like business owners which means taking a long term view on our investments. We’re not trying to buy in one quarter and sell in the next.

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