We believe in higher returns and lower risk.

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Outside the box thinking

We believe to beat the herd we need to challenge the status quo.

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Global Insights Local Values

At Swell, we seek to own the best companies in the world whilst staying true to our core values.

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Why invest with Swell?

The swell of the ocean touches all corners of the globe. Similarly, our investment companies touch all corners of the world. It is the wind that creates the energy of the waves. However, It is human emotion that creates the energy of the market. Both are unpredictable. Both are constantly evolving. Markets, like oceans, can seem calm at one moment and treacherous the next. Whatever the conditions, we are here to guide your investment journey.


  • Global insights.
  • Higher returns and lower risk.
  • Beating the herd with Independent thought.
  • Creating value for clients.

Our global focus has allowed us to deliver strong performance in a challenging market.

We are often surprised that although Australia makes up around 2% of global investable funds, it accounts for over 90% of the portfolios we encounter. Furthermore, the banks and miners are the primary driver of the Australian market performance. By investing abroad we have been able to deliver higher returns with lower risk. We have significantly outperformed the All Ordinaries Index over one, three and five year time periods.




Our Process

We have the flexibility to invest anywhere in the world.


We intensively screen our investment universe to reduce thousands of companies to a focus list.


Our research process can take many months and hundreds of hours of analysis prior to investment.


We need to believe in the business and its strategy to invest our clients' money.