We aim to achieve an annual portfolio return of 9% over a rolling three-year period. Performance fees are calculated by reference to the MSCI World Net Total Return Index calculated in Australian dollars. A high water mark is applied to ensure investors only pay for genuine outperformance. Our management fees including worked examples are available on the Swell home page under the heading Fees.

Swell Global Portfolio

Annual portfolio performance

The Swell Global Portfolio was launched on 18 June 2015. This table shows performance in each year to December 31 net of management and performance fees. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Year Performance
2024 (YTD) 6.09%
2023 66.92%
2022 -43.10%
2021 10.37%
2020 17.02%
2019 31.40%
2018 7.05%
2017 16.00%
2016 15.50%
2015 (from 18-June) 5.23%
Since inception 158.08%
Since inception (p.a.) 11.22%

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