The Swell difference

The Swell Global Portfolio is a global investment strategy focused on owning a concentrated portfolio of the world's best companies. It is similar to a traditional Fund, however, each portfolio is held in the investor's own name in a managed account. Since portfolio companies are held in the client's name, they tend to be more tax-efficient than traditional funds. This is because the constant entrance and exit of people in traditional funds create tax gains for those who remain invested.


Absolute return focus

Our investment objective is to attain an annual return of 9% after deducting management fees over a rolling period of three years. In case we are unable to come across a compelling investment prospect, we may retain up to 25% of our portfolio in cash.


Long term orientation

Our favourite investment is a high quality company that is currently undergoing a short term cyclical headwind that will abate over time. This is where we use our long term orientation to our benefit as the stock market is focused on the short term, and therefore these opportunities become mispriced.


Concentrated quality

Our process is focused on acquiring quality companies with a durable competitive advantage and strong management team. We adopt a concentrated approach to portfolio construction, allocating meaningful weights to each holding. This affords us an opportunity to outperform traditional index funds.

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