Why Swell

Our strategy is very simple and our process is very strict. We invest in outstanding companies with exceptional management and clear strategies for creating value over the long term. We hold a concentrated portfolio and reassess it often to ensure it meets our standards. Our first objective is safeguarding our investors' capital, so preventing losses is more important than reaching for higher returns and thus we prefer a more certain 12% return against a less certain 20%.


Absolute return focus

The Swell Global Portfolio is an absolute return, benchmark unaware global equities fund with the flexibility to invest in companies listed in developed markets around the world. The Portfolio targets an annual return of 9% after management fees over rolling three year periods.


Capital preservation

Swell is a value manager, meaning we acquire each investment at a discount to its intrinsic value. Our principal objective is capital preservation thus we place greater emphasis on preventing losses than reaching for higher returns.


Concentrated quality

Our process is focused on acquiring the highest quality global companies with a durable competitive advantage and strong management team. We adopt a concentrated approach to portfolio construction, allocating meaningful weights to each holding.

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