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Invest in the Swell Global Portfolio SMA through HUB24 or Mason Stevens or the Swell Global Fund unit trust

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How does Swell work with financial advisers?

As a boutique manager we pride ourselves on providing personalised service and meaningful insights for you and your clients.

$25,000 minimum investment
Strong track record
Capital preservation focus

We're performance focused and risk averse

Our principal objective is capital preservation which means we place a higher emphasis on preventing losses than reaching for higher returns. While we are motivated by performance, we are grounded by our values – client first, investing together and never compromising our integrity.

Our investment strategy

The portfolio holds 10-20 stocks listed in developed markets, predominantly capitalised at US$50 billion or more. We seek exceptionally managed companies with a clear strategy for creating value over the long term, purchased at a discount to their conservatively estimated intrinsic value. We prefer to hold assets for five years or more.


While we can’t guarantee investment returns, we can guarantee adherence to our strict investment philosophy. We are focussed on generating absolute returns and target 9% per annum over rolling three year periods. We only invest when it makes sense to do so and If we can’t find a suitable investment we will hold cash. Our cash weighting is driven by available investment opportunities not an arbitrary benchmark.

Performance to July 31 2022

Net of management fee - Inception date is June 18 2015 - Performance data relates to the Swell Global Portfolio - Past performance is not indicative of future performance

Performance AUD 1
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years (p.a.) 6 Years (p.a.) 7 Years (p.a.) Since
Swell Global Portfolio -39.06% -12.95% -3.93% 1.94% 6.42% 7.71% 7.85% 67.78%

Partnering with Swell for your clients

We offer the opportunity for you to provide your long term investors with an investment to enhance their portfolio of Australian equities, incorporating sectors and industries not available on the ASX. We are mindful of the tax implications of our investment decisions and seek to minimise realised capital gains for investors. We are independent and do all our own research, away from the capital city market bubble. We are always available to you and your clients for insights into our investments.

Step 1

Talk to us about accessing our research, insights and performance data to help you frame a conversation about international equities

Step 2

If the Swell Global strategy is not currently available on your APL, we can help you to have it included

Step 3

Invest with confidence providing your clients with a truly diversified equities portfolio with the addition of high quality international stocks

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