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Family offices can access the Swell Global Portfolio through managed portfolio platforms HUB24 and Mason Stevens. Please contact us to hear more.

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Swell Global Portfolio

The Swell Global Portfolio is a concentrated selection of high-quality global companies focusing on long-term investment horizon and capital preservation. The foundation of our investment process is quality, stemming from exceptionally managed companies with clearly articulated strategies for creating value over the long term. Swell Asset Management is a signatory to the Principles of Responsible Investment.

Minimum investment $500,000
Strong track record
Capital preservation focus

How is Swell different from traditional fund managers?

Swell is an absolute return focused fund manager and aim to achieve an annual portfolio return of 9%. We take a genuine long-term orientation when selecting investments to exploit a time arbitrage. We recommend investors adopt a similar time horizon when investing. Unearthing insights through deep fundamental analysis separates us from our peers and is essential when managing a concentrated portfolio. Our partners can access information on the Swell Global Portfolio in the product disclosure statements available on HUB24 and Mason Stevens websites.

What is Swell's investment edge?

We believe investors benefit from our five competitive advantages, which include:

  • concentrated quality;
  • capital preservation through risk control;
  • alignment of interest with investors;
  • rational unbiased analysis; and
  • long term orientation.

Our priority is to ensure our investments are aligned with the interests of our clients, and this is why we invest alongside them. We have adopted the CFA Institute Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct which is considered the benchmark for investment professionals.


Swell Global Portfolio annual performance by calendar year

The Swell Global Portfolio was launched on 18 June 2015. The performance is net of management and performance fees. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Year Performance
2024 (YTD) 6.09%
2023 66.92%
2022 -43.10%
2021 10.37%
2020 17.02%
2019 31.40%
2018 7.05%
2017 16.00%
2016 15.50%
2015 (from 18-June) 5.23%
Since inception 158.08%
Since inception (p.a.) 11.22%

Swell investment process

Our unique investment process continually screens our universe of companies and only invest once a target meets our strict criteria. Our favourite investment is a high quality company that is currently undergoing a short term cyclical headwind that will abate over time. This is where we use our long term orientation to our benefit as the stock market is focused on the short term, and therefore these opportunities become mispriced. We prioritise risk management acquiring each company at a price discounted to our estimate of intrinsic value. This minimises the risk of impairing capital if a company underperforms.

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We are available to discuss how your clients can access our research, insights and performance data to assist you in initiating a conversation about the Swell Global Portfolio.

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The Swell Global Portfolio product disclosure documents are available on the HUB24 (Code: SWE001) and Mason Stevens websites.

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We can help you include the Swell Global Portfolio on your APL if it is currently unavailable. Please contact us for more information.

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